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TERMS OF USE : Welcome to the C+R Collector Gun Forums. This site encourages peaceful interaction between our members and readers. You will find information and moderators here like no other site. We do not guess or speculate like some sites, we get right to the facts. We also do not have all the fancy computer bells and whistles like some sites do. We are a small site and that is how we like it. We do not have the big site ego here, nor do we have the big site sponsors that we owe allegiance too. Advertising other forums or vendors before asking permission is something we consider out of the realm of good taste and does not belong here. We ask that any advertising on the board would first receive approval from the Administrator. If you are disruptive or sign in under multiple names, use proxy IPs, for the purpose of being disruptive you will be banned. Since the site owner, moderator or subscriber responding to a query cannot examine the actual firearm in question, we assume no responsibility for any action, which is completely beyond our control, resulting from any opinion given herein. RGRWJB administers this site. You can e-mail him at [email protected]

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